sfogliatelle – “many leaves/layers”


A staple of Italian pastry shops, sfogliatelle has found a home at Two Amys. Like all of the desserts here, the sfogliatelle is made from scratch at the restaurant. For the unfamiliar, sfogliatelle is a clam-shaped pastry filled with a sweetened ricotta and semolina mixture surrounded by a flaky, crunch shell. Sfogliatelle originated in Naples, Italy, and is thought to have been perfected in convents because the production is very time consuming. At Two Amys, the dessert is created by rolling the hand-mixed dough into cylinders, which are later pulled apart to create the signature layers. The rich filling is punctuated with our own touch—housemade candied grapefruit peel.

With its cult following, the special dessert is often gone before the end of the night, so come early and get one fresh out of the oven!

Sfogliatelle is served with fiore di latte ice cream and is available only on Friday evenings.

sfogliatelle02 sfogliatelle03

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